Just because you are in a queue doesn't mean you have to stand

Queues are meant to prevent chaos but sometimes they end up creating it,
We have a great solution for you and for your customers

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You need peace of mind and so does your customers. Smart queues is a web link dedicated to your store, the customer can register and get a token on his phone itself. It's not just one token number, the token gets updated after every moment a customer leaves. This way, your customer is aware of the pace as he gets real-time updates and you can completely focus on serving your customers while saving paper and protecting the environment

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No cutting the queue

no one can cut the queue which keeps the store organized

Real Time Updates

Real time customer data. In store and In queue for you. Queue updates for your customers

Extra Revenue

Post ads on the quick links area and generate sales and revenue.

Happy Customers

Shows your love and concern for your customers as they can utilize their time while being in a queue

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Designed specifically for mobiles to give your customer a great experience

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